Management Services
Construction Management:

The Colston Company offers a strategic competitive advantage to all companies that are undertaking significant construction projects. We understand your concerns; our experience is land development, provides us with a sharper perspective of the entire construction process.Our Services are listed below.

  • Development of Construction Management Plans
  • Development of Master Project Schedules
  • Development of Project Budgets
  • Development of Cost Management Procedures
  • Perform Document Quality Reviews
  • Coordinate Design Comments
  • Perform Construction Document Estimates
  • Conduct Cost Adjustment Sessions
  • Review and Advise on Conditions of Construction
  • Develop Bidding Procedures
  • Assist in Public Relations Activities
  • Generate Bidder Interest
  • Prepare and Expedite BidDocument Delivery
  • Conduct Pre-Bid Conference(s)
  • Provide Bid Evaluations
  • Lead Pre-Construction Conference(s)
  • Provide Contract Administration
  • Manage Submittal Process
  • Conduct Job Site Meetings
  • Provide Coordination of Technical Inspection and Testing Agencies and Laboratories
  • Perform Construction Observation
  • Provide Recommendations Regarding Non-Conforming Work
  • Prepare Master Construction Schedule
  • Provide Construction Progress Review
  • Review Monthly Contractor Payment Requests
  • Evaluate Cost Proposals
  • Negotiate Change Order Costs and Time Extensions
  • Prepare Change Order Reports
  • Review Contractor Claims
  • Provide Project Status Reports and Logs
  • Coordinate Preparation of As-Built Documents
  • Provide full-time on-site management of the project (as necessary).
  • Assist with the project inspector in observing the materials and equipment being incorporated into the work to assure that they are handled, stored and installed properly and adequately and are in compliance with the contract documents for theproject, and prepare a report regarding these activities. Assist the inspector in observing the Contractor's work to verify that all authorized changes are properly incorporated in the project, and prepare a report regarding these activities.
  • Identify problems encountered in accomplishing the work and recommend appropriate action to resolve these problems with a minimum effect on the timely completion of the project.
  •  Review The Construction Schedule 
  •  Provide Quarterly Construction Schedule Updates
  • Review and Reconcile Schedule of Values
  • Coordinate Final Completion
Project Management:

The Colston Company can serve as the project manager. Project management is a discipline with in the real estate construction and development field that was created to manage the complex components of a project. Few companies can dedicate the resources required to attend to every aspect of the project, yet these components are critical to the project's success. An experienced project manager augments the owner's in-house staff with development, pre-construction, design, entitlements, engineering, construction, and management expertise.
Pre-construction Planning / Land acquisition due-diligence and assemblage:

Think of us as your “outsourced Director of Land Acquisition.” We will investigate purchases and perform due-diligence by visiting the site and reviewing the zoning implications. We can represent the smaller developer who may not have the capacity to hire a full-time land acquisition person. We fill this void by either negotiating new purchases or by assisting with an assemblage or relocation that may be stalling your current project. We also provide preliminary cost estimates.

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